Sally is the only presenter that my staff has ever wanted to return, and their decision to invite her back was unanimous.

Mary Cornish

Aspen High School

Last Friday you came to Albany Prep and left us all feeling wonderful. I just wanted to tell you again how amazing that workshop was and how it affected me in so many ways!! So many of the things you discussed related to both my personal and work relationships. You are awesome!!


Albany Prep, New York

An older kid down the street was picking on Cooper not too long ago. Cooper and I practiced some of your techniques together. Coop stopped the kid dead in his tracks the next time he bothered him and he hasn’t bothered him since!

K. Douglas, Parent

Round Rock, Texas

Sally is so amazing! I actually cried at the end of a two-day training session because I didn’t want it to end. She has an attractive, dynamic presentation which you rarely find. She taught me so much about the psychology of bullies, which improved my classroom management skills, my people skills, and my self-confidence. Sally is truly one of the best people I have ever met. Oh-and “No thank, I just had a banana” really works! Try it!

George N. Conrad

From the Love and Logic® website

Every year that I teach, I become more impressed with what an amazing teacher you are. You taught us so much more than the curriculum. Things that you taught us about life still impact the way that I make decisions and interact with the people around me. As a teacher myself now, I wish that I could go back and sit in on one of your classes and just watch how you did it. How did manage to teach us French but also teach about self-esteem and how to love ourselves and the people around us? How did you manage to pair life lessons with ‘er’ verbs?

A. Simpson

Former student

Thank you for having Sally again this year. I love seeing her and listening to her…she is SO amazing motivational and definitely worth having back next year! She is the BEST!

My wife and I participated “Fear Free Classroom” workshop at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut this summer. I have to say the experience has already changed me as a teacher and has had an amazing impact on my students.Thank you for passing on these skills! We are forever grateful.

Nathaniel Strict

Avon Public Schools

I am so glad we were able to have you back in Nampa. I always love your presentations; you bring such great energy to everyone. I just wanted you to know, I am so glad to have met you. I love your outlook, humor, and grace. I’ve attached comments we received from the teachers on your presentation.

  • Powerful!
  • Sally Ogden was wonderful!
  • Fantastic
  • One of the best workshops/presentations I have ever taken!
  • Very good session! Good for all teachers!
  • Wonderful speaker–I loved her humor and will use her strategies!!
  • Thanks for making it funny and fun to be here.
  • Upbeat, dynamic presenter (Sally Ogden) was enjoyable to listen to
  • Please bring her back for additional training!
  • She was great! Bring her back if you can!
  • Great! Inspirational
  • One of the best conferences I’ve ever attended!
  • She makes me glad I’m a teacher!
  • A. McDonnell

    Greenhurst Elementary, Nampa, ID

    Dear Sally,

    I just finished listening to your CD ‘Thank God it’s Monday.’ As I am a second grade teacher and mother of three small children, it was truly a life-changing experience!

    Before listening to your CD I had attended a Love and Logic seminar and read some of Jim Fay & Foster Cline’s books, so many of the ideas weren’t new. But hearing them from your perspective was very enlightening and helped me better understand how to use them at home and in my classroom.

    I especially love the section about bullying. We have had a new anti-bullying curriculum at our school this year, and unfortunately I learn more from you in half an hour then I taught my students all year!

    I really can’t wait to get to school on Tuesday (Monday is Memorial Day) and start helping my students be better able to deal with bullies. Your work profoundly affects people and helps change lives! I just wanted you to know that.


    Pam Gustin

    Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin


    What an amazing speaker! She had such passion and energy and great stories and tips to share with teachers. She was very personable and gave the audience time to try out the strategies presented and walked around to get to know her audience. She truly make the entire day of workshops well worth it. I was left feeling excited to try some new strategies and with a smile on my face for getting the chance to meet her and hear her talk. She is definitely one to keep for future Workshops!

    • This was perhaps the best workshop I have ever attended.
    • Sally is a blast of wisdom and enthusiasm.
    • She is truly an inspiration!
    • The conference was a wonderful reminder of why I teach!
    • She kept me laughing the whole time. She was great.
    • Anonymous comments from evaluations from the cea conferences

      Uncasville, CT

      You are at the top of the list of the people who have enriched my life. As a teacher, I have sat through countless hours of professional development.

      Your lectures will forever be the most informative and enjoyable I have ever attended.

      I listen to your CD and reread your book whenever I need to brush up on my skills and remind myself why I became an educator. What I love most about your work is how simple it is to implement.

      I see children struggle with the complexities of life every day and am so happy to be able to share your words of wisdom.

      You will never know how many children have benefitted from your expertise.

      Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!!

      C. Lenihan

      Pocatello, Idaho

      I was the only child present at the parent seminar. After I listened to your presentation, I started seeing everything from a different perspective. There’s this girl who has bullied me every way she knows how. Up ’till now I’ve allowed her to. I was to the point where I didn’t want to live any more.

      I watched your video and I felt so much better. I started hanging out with different people, and now I couldn’t be happier. If she says something negative to me, I remember it’s about her, not me! She no longer has power over me, …because now I have the tools to cut it all off. I just wanted you to know how much of a difference this has made life. thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Student name withheld by request

      Westridge, CO