Words Will Never Hurt Me

“Words Will Never Hurt Me” presents practical, memorable and fun methods to empower children to handle bullies and difficult people.

The tools that are introduced in this book will allow children to feel relaxed and in control in situations that used to make them feel stressed and inadequate.

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is for children to apply these concepts and how effective they are. Readers and educators will gain an understanding of why putdowns, taunting, and power struggles happen, and how children can respond to bullies in a way that diffuses the bully’s power over them.

Employing these strategies, children who have previously been victims will disarm bullies and become undesirable targets for them in the future.

Using quotes, humor and real-life examples, Sally Ogden makes it easy to remember and apply the skills which could make children’s relationships more pleasant and and their lives more enjoyable.

In the process of helping kids, adults may be surprised at the power and benefits this information has for their own lives!

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