2-6 Hour Workshops/Inservices, Keynotes, Break-Out session

The human desire to grow and learn is innate.

The secret for creating positive motivation and joy in living is to provide a caring environmentwhere people are given guidance with unconditional acceptance and consequences with empathy. When individuals are not afraid of being inadequate or rejected,their potential for growth and achievement is without limit.

Sally is a speaker recommended by
Charles Fay, PhD.
and the Love and Logic Institute®

Sally loves to speak with educators and parents and is happy to address groups of people from 5 to 5000. Ms. Ogden can combine or emphasize topics any way you’d like, but she usually likes to cover in a 5-6 hour day:

  • What’s the root of the misbehavior we’re seeing? (The big picture)
  • Teaching kids to solve their own problems
  • Diffusing power struggles/bullying
  • Using enforceable statements
  • • Building and maintaining positive relationships with children

Her fee for a full day depends on the length of the presentation and the location. After communicating, the fee quoted will cover all expenses. Sally is very passionate about what she does and hopes that it will be possible to put together a presentation for your group. She is confident that a day can be designed that would be really fun, valuable, and practical for your people.

Words Will Never Hurt Me:Inoculating people fromteasing, bullying and put downs AUDIENCE: Educators, Parents, Professionals

Do you like to laugh and learn at the same time?

Do you like presentations where you have a great time while learning good, solid skills?

Would you like some easy ways to increase your joy in the classroom, home or workplace?

This is the type of workshop where the time flies, where you learn through stories and feel energized at the end of the session. Don’t be surprised if you feel a rejuvenated excitement about teaching or working with others!

  • Understanding what motivates underachievement and disruptive behavior
  • Reducing bullying and conflict
  • Handling all criticism, power struggles and put downs
  • Creating a positive classroom, home or office climate
  • Modeling and building meaningful, kind relationships

Thank God it’s Monday!:Restoring Joy to the Classroom AUDIENCE: Educators

What’s causing children to misbehave, give up, withdraw, procrastinate, become perfectionistic, get angry, argumentative, bossy or depressed? How can teachers relieve the pressures imposed on them and rediscover the joys of working with kids? Sally will explain the two motivators of all negative behavior and show how to begin to solve these problems. She will offer a variety of effective discipline strategies including how to help students solve their own problems, increase student responsibility and handle bullies and power struggles.

A variety of techniques will be given to help teachers improve the quality of their relationships with students which will in turn increase student cooperation and learning. The goal is to reduce adult frustration, preserve the learning environment, increase achievement and have both children and adults leave at the end of the school day feeling energized and fulfilled.

  • Building quality relationships with students
  • Creating the best classroom climate for learning
  • Eliminating power struggles
  • Making discipline a breeze with a “bag o’ tricks”

The Single Best Secret for Classroom Success AUDIENCE: Educators

This workshop includes the same topics as listed above, with building positive and effective relationships with students. as the prominent concept presented.

The end result? Better test scores, fewer discipline problems and happier kids!

Bag O’Tricks for Making Discipline a Breeze AUDIENCE:Educators and Parents

Bag O’Tricks provides educators with many of the concepts listed above in “Thank God It’s Monday”, but emphasizes easy and effective classroom management strategies. These tools will lower teacher stress and create classrooms with fewer interruptions due to student misbehavior.

Together is Better:Developing Effective Cooperative Groups AUDIENCE:Educators

In an interactive, fun and practical presentation with information that no classroom teacher should be without, Sally Ogden introduces the secrets to building effective classroom groups.

  • Structuring effective classroom cooperative groups
  • Learning strategies for involving all students in group assignments
  • Developing ways to teach students vital social skills and develop moral character
  • Creating a positive classroom climate
  • Modeling and building meaningful, kind relationships in the classroom

Raising Strong Kids in Tough Times:Building Responsible, Happy Kids AUDIENCE:Parents

Sally’s energetic, interactive approach creates a fun and highly practical experience for parents who would like to improve their interactions with their kids while decreasing their stress and unpleasant interactions at home.

Parents who ask, “How can I get my child to do what i ask the first time? and How do I build kindness and self esteem in my child?” will find powerful answers to these questions in this presentation.

  • Eliminating power struggles and back talk
  • Learning one, “all purpose” tool to use when parents are at a loss for words
  • Maintaining positive, loving relationships with children