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Celebrating Children with Sally OgdenPresentations & Materials for Educators & Parents

Sally Ogden

Sally is a colorful speaker, author and Colorado Teacher of the Year award recipient who energizes audiences with her enthusiasm, passion, and humor.

Ogden helps educators and parents learn practical tools to build responsible kids, while teaching them how to make discipline a breeze. She specializes in helping people of all ages deal with bullying, difficult people, and power struggles.

Participants say that a day with her flies by, they learn through stories, and can’t wait to use the new strategies. They report leaving the session with a renewed excitement about teaching and parenting, excited to use their new techniques!

Presentation Topics

  • Handling discipline with ease at home and school​
  • Creating classrooms where students thrive
  • Empowering children to deal with bullying
  • Building and maintaining quality relationships with kids​

Sally Ogden presents
one technique
to diffuse
the power of a bully

Sally is a speaker recommended by Charles Fay, PhD., and the Love and Logic Institute®

Sally Ogden on
the Fear Free Classroom