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Thank God It’s Monday!

Sally speaks to teachers and parents in Loveland, Colorado about what causes bad behaviors in children and what can be done about it.

Using stories, lost of real-life examples, and humor, Ms. Ogden gives adults many practical tools to help get children back on the track of achieving and behaving well.

Adults learn easy, fun strategies for discipline and building responsibility in children.

Power struggles with their kids will be a thing of the past! Included is a powerful section on how to respond to bullies.

4 discs180 Minutes$21.95(plus $3.20 s/h)

If They Push Your Button, Don’t Let It Ring Your Bell!

This 4 disc audio CD is designed for parents who want to keep their kids from being the targets of bullies. The techniques introduced will help to diffuse the power of bullies, retain the dignity of the victim, and stop the avalanche of despair that can occur from being bullied. In addition, Sally emphasizes how parents can help build children with a strong belief in themselves and a caring, respectful concern for others. The goal? Considerate kids who treat everyone as they hope to be treated.

4 Discs$14.95(plus $3.20 s/h)